Our Clients

The Mulshine Company, Ltd. is a results-oriented, highly successful retained Executive Search firm serving major Consumer Packaged Goods, Food and Pharmaceutical clients. The firm possesses over 25 years of experience recruiting upper and middle management talent and key individual contributors for R&D and Engineering functions like Product, Process and Package Design, Development, Quality and related areas (see Expertise).

We are a small firm that provides personalized attention, creating emphasis on individual service. We employ the good judgment, tact and ethics developed through many years of active practice in the search consulting industry.

Executive Search

A company is only as good as its people. But to find the right people is no easy task.

When your company needs a competent executive to fill a position, ordinary recruiting methods may not suffice. Referrals, advertising, online recruiting, outsourcing generalists, and other standard means neglect those top executives who are not actively seeking a new position. The only way to reach this select group is Executive Search.

Search reaches out to this target group of successful executives in their respective fields, so your company can be sure of locating individuals who are best suited for your needs.

The Search

A typical search begins with information gathering. We interview client executives who have a direct interest in the position to be filled. From these in-depth discussions, a position description is developed which defines the position's responsibilities, title, compensation, reporting relationships, and experience and education needed. Also, careful consideration is given to your business philosophy and corporate goals.

Once the position description is refined, we begin to search the field to locate prospects meeting the qualifications. Since these individuals are generally not actively looking for a new position, they are typically sought in comparable companies in the industry. We use a direct approach to locate and contact qualified prospects with proven patterns of success and accomplishment in a situation similar to the position being filled. This approach is designed to yield several qualified candidates for the client's consideration.

After the candidates are located, we thoroughly screen them to determine strengths, weaknesses, potential, etc. Through direct confidential contact with individuals who have supervised and/or worked with the candidates, we confirm the candidates' performance in a fair and objective manner.

When we are satisfied, we normally present the three to five most qualified individuals for the client's evaluation, along with a detailed report including all pertinent information. Interviews and follow-up meetings are scheduled to expedite the selection process. The final selection of the individual and the offer of employment are always made by the client.